Our Company

Gee Cee Group of Companies, headed by Mr. M.M.Mittal as Chairman, was established in the year 1944. The company focuses on and specializing in the field of Copper and Copper Alloy products primarily for the Railway sector. It is the largest and the oldest indigenous vendor to Indian Railways for manufacture and supply of Grooved Copper Contact Wire, Copper Catenary Wire, Span Wire, and other related Copper items. So far, the Group has supplied 70,000 MT of copper products to the Indian Railways, Metros and others, estimated at Rs 6500 crores at present prices.

Prior to 1974 Indian Railways used to import these items from UK and Italy. It was the Gee Cee Group that indigenized these items in 1974.

The Group currently has ‘State of the Art’ facilities at their plant in Rudrapur, Uttaranchal for manufacturing Catenary Wire, Contact Wire, Span Wire, Jumper Wire, Dropper Wire and other copper items. The plant has a capacity of more than 5000 MT of copper per annum. It has in-house facilities for melting, alloying, casting, rolling, drawing, slitting, cabling of copper and high conductivity copper compositions. Rudrapur is the industrial hub in the State of Uttaranchal with first rate infrastructure and logistic facilities and has distinct advantage of lower electricity rates, lower sales tax, etc. apart from abundant availability of cheap skilled labour.

This Group is setting up 2nd ‘State of the Art’ manufacturing facility for Contact Wire, Catenary Wire, Jumper Wire, Dropper Wire and other copper items with  capacity of about 7,000 MT/ annum at NSEZ Noida, dedicated primarily to export. With this, the Group would have more than doubled capacity of manufacturing commissioning of second factory at NSEZ, Noida within a year.

Gee Cee Group has now diversified into manufacturing Magnesium Copper Catenary Wire, Tin/Silver Contact Wire, Jumper Wire, Dropper Wire and other Copper materials etc. required for Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC). The Group is planning to further diversify product range to include requirements for Bullet Trains and Rapid Transport System.